Remain Faithful

Orthodox Episcopalians Standing For The Historic Faith


Remain Faithful Position Paper now available- click on link above.

Our second conference"Mobilizing the Faithful- Toward A Faithful Future" is scheduled for September 27, 2008.  Please see more details and rsvp on the Event Information page.

Remain Faithful Mission Statement

Remain Faithful is a group of orthodox Episcopalians who believe the Bible to be the revealed Word of God which contains all things necessary for salvation as well as wisdom for Godly living. We are comprised of and led by lay Episcopalians. We are committed to speak the truth in love, communicating clearly the position of faithful orthodox Episcopalians upholding the authority of Holy Scripture. We stand firm with the vast majority in the worldwide Anglican Communion in our commitment to serve our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to support orthodox Christian ideals and beliefs, and to spread the Good News of Jesus' gift of salvation to all.

Thank you for coming to our Remain Faithful website.  We welcome you!  Please join our organization for ongoing updates and more information on Remain Faithful.  There is strength in numbers-- and we welcome all orthodox Episcopalians and orthodox Anglicans.  We believe the laity has been the "Silent Majority" for too long and are excited about building a very strong network from all over the Anglican Communion of laity who share in orthodox beliefs.  Please click on the "JOIN US" button above to join our efforts.  We respect your privacy and all information will be held in the strictest of confidence.  

Finally, please keep Remain Faithful in your prayers.

Please bookmark our site and check back often as we will be adding to the website with position papers and other items of interest.


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